Application Requirements & Application Forms

The JASIN Program is designed as a study abroad opportunity for current university students. Please contact us at ( if you have any questions!

Application Requirements

Applicants must
  1. have successfully completed at least one year of university or college study.
  2. be in good academic standing at their institution.
  3. have adequate English ability to participate in the Japan Studies classes which are conducted in English.
  4. apply to the Program through one of our affiliated institutions.
  5. not have already completed two terms in the Program.


For Studies Beginning in Spring 2024
(Home stay option is unavailable for Spring 2024 students)

0. JASIN Program Spring 2024 Application Materials Information  (PDF)
1. (Form A) Online Application Form
2. Application Notes (PDF)  
3. Points of Understanding for Nagasaki University of Foreing Studies JASIN / NICS Program
4. (Form B) Essay (Typed Copy OK) (MS-Word)
5. (Form C) Financial Statement (Typed Copy OK) (PDF)
6. (FormD)_Recommendation Letter (Have bottom half of page1 and 2 completed by recommender)  (MS-Word)
7. (Form E1) Health Form (For student) (PDF)
8. (Form E2) Health Form (For doctor) (PDF)
(Form F for Homestay student) Home stay and Points of Understanding for a Successful Home Stay (Typed Copy OK) (PDF)
9. (Form G) Exchange Student Notification (PDF)
10. JASIN_Program_Spring 2024_Timeline (PDF)

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