Multilingual and Multicultural Campus

A Campus Community of Japanese and International Students

A variety of languages, including English, German, French, Chinese, Korean, and Japanese, can be heard across the NUFS campus. But the language you hear is not necessarily the student’s mother language. You may hear Chinese students converse with American students in Japanese, or Japanese students chatting with French students in English. This is the NUFS campus community: a multilingual and multicultural venue for international exchange.

Study Japanese Language and Culture in Nagasaki

Globalization and developments in information technology have reduced the significance of borders and connected Japan with the world like never before. In the same way, Nagasaki University of Foreign Studies has grown to accommodate more than 300 international students alongside Japanese students on the same campus. Now, students from around the world students study Japanese language and culture while interacting with Japanese students every day at NUFS and throughout the Nagasaki community.

Short-term Study Abroad Programs for International Students

JASIN: Japan Studies in Nagasaki

Approximately 60-80 students from the United States, France, and other European and American partner universities study at NUFS each year for a semester or full academic year. All courses except for Japanese language courses are held in English.

NICS: Nagasaki International Communications Studies

Approximately 100 students from partner universities in Asia study at NUFS each year for a semester or full academic year. All courses are held in Japanese.

USAC: University Studies Abroad Consortium

USAC is an international exchange consortium in the United States. Through this program, NUFS receives 15-30 students from American universities annually and sends the same number of students to study abroad in the United States or other USAC-affiliated universities around the world.

Dual Degree Program for International Students

Through this program, a student studies for two years at a partner university and two years at NUFS to receive degrees at both institutions. Launched in 2007, this program currently includes 80-100 students annually from ten partner universities. Plans for students who begin at NUFS to participate in dual degree programs are currently underway.

International Exchange Opportunities on the NUFS Campus

Conversation Partners

By meeting once or twice a week with a Japanese conversation partner, JASIN and NICS students improve their language skills while sharing their own language and culture, making for a valuable learning experience for both partners.

International Student Volunteers

The International Center recruits volunteers for new student reception at the airport, orientation interpretation, study tours, or other assistance as needed.

Clubs,Activities, and Events

NUFS offers many more international exchange opportunities throughout the year.

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