Visiting the University

Please use this guide for getting to the university from inside Japan. If you are visiting from overseas, please contact the International Center (

Nagasaki University of Foreign Studies Area Map


Nagasaki University of Foreign Studies
3-15-1 Yokoo, Nagasaki City, Japan 851-2196
TEL : +81-95-840-2002 (Int’l) 095-840-2000 (Japan)
FAX : +81-95-840-2001 (Int’l) 095-840-2001 (Japan)

Access Routes



For a list of flights from Nagasaki, please see the schedule page on the Nagasaki Airport website.

Japan Railway Kyushu

For a list of trains departing Nagasaki Station, please see the timetable page on the JR Kyushu website.

Airport Limousine Bus

Nagasaki Airport〜Nagasaki City

  • Nagasaki Prefecture Bus 095-822-5141
  • Nagasaki Bus 095-826-1112
City Buses

Within Nagasaki City

  • Nagasaki Bus 095-826-1112
Sea Taxi


  • Yasuda Sangyo Kisen 0957-54-4740
Highway Buses
  • 【Fukuoka】Kyushu-go
  • 【Kumamoto】Rindo-go
  • 【Oita】Sunlight-go
  • 【Miyazaki】Blue Roman-go
  • 【Kitakyushu】Dejima-go
  • 【Osaka】Roman Nagasaki-go

Kyushu Highway Bus Reservation Center

  • Toll-free : 0120-489-939
  • From cell phones : 092-734-2727

※ For other highway bus routes, please see the following websites.

  • Glover-go (Nagoya─Nagasaki) Meitetsu Tourism Bus・Nagasaki Bus
  • Hollander-go (Osaka, Kyoto─Nagasaki) Kintetsu Bus・Nagasaki Bus
  • Etranger-go (Himeji, Kobe (Sannnomiya)─Nagasaki) Shinki Bus・Nagasaki Bus

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