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Access to Nagasaki University of Foreign Studies and area map.


Nagasaki University of Foreign Studies
3-15-1 Yokoo, Nagasaki City, Japan 851-2196
TEL : +81-95-840-2002 (Int’l) 095-840-2000 (Japan)
FAX : +81-95-840-2001 (Int’l) 095-840-2001 (Japan)

An environment where you can study while feeling other cultures.

Nagasaki, as a base of international exchange, has historically carried the role of spreading foreign cultures throughout all of Japan. Now, too, as a entrance to western Japan, along with the progression of the development of a community where many people gather and interact, we are building relationships with various foreign countries with a special focus on industry and tourism. As such, Nagasaki Gaidai, where foreign exchange has prospered in the past and present, is the perfect place to learn a foreign language.

Access Routes


 Transportation access

Using JR
Disembark at JR Nagasaki Station or Urakami Station.
Using the bus (Nagasaki bus)
Board the bus for Togitsu, Mizokawa, or Kinkai New Town from Nagasaki Eki Mae or Urakami Eki Mae, and disembark at Uchizaka bus stop. It is a 10 minute walk from there.
Using the streetcar and taxi
Board the streetcar for Akasako at Nagasaki Eki Mae or Urakami Eki Mae and ride to the end of the line, Akasako. It is a 5 minute taxi ride from there.



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JR Kyuushuu

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