All full-time students are required to live in housing arranged or approved by the JASIN Program. Two types of housing are available for JASIN study abroad students:

  1. Homestay
  2. Dormitory

Please note that all housing is subject to availability.

Home stay

Home stay with a family in the community provides 14 meals a week are provided. Some students may be moved between two different families for two months each during each term.

  1. Entry fee: 35,000 yen
  2. Monthly fee: 70,000 yen
  3. Food: Breakfast and dinner included
  4. Transportation: Depending on the location, transportation costs can be between 280 and 800 yen per day.
  5. Notes: Some host families have a lax attitude toward their student’s social activities, but others insist that their students keep a regular schedule. Most student are placed one to a family, but occasionally two students may live with the same family based on availability.



See the Ampelos Dormitory page!

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