Troubleshooting Q&A

Absence from class ⇒ Student Support Center (Main Office)
When absent for unavoidable reasons other than sickness or mourning, please submit an “Absence Report Form” with documentation within ten days of the absence. Forms are available at the office counter.

Question about registration and/or course selection ⇒ Student Support Center / Advisor
Please read the Student Handbook and Schedule of Courses carefully. If you have further questions, please consult the university office or your advisor at any time.

Question about course cancellations ⇒ Student Lounge Bulletin Board / Student Support Center
Messages are posted on the bulletin boards in the student lounge. Be sure to check the bulletin boards regularly.

Absence from an exam ⇒ Student Support Center
When absent from an exam for unavoidable reasons other than sickness or mourning, please submit a “Make-up Exam Request Form” with documentation within seven days of the absence.

Question about credits, grades, and/or transcripts ⇒ Student Support Center / Advisor
Semester transcripts are provided in September and March. To receive additional copies of a transcript, please make a request at the Student Affairs Office (cost: 300 yen).

Change of address and/or phone number ⇒ International Center
After changing your address, please bring your updated Alien Registration Card to the International Center.

Lost student ID card ⇒ Student Support Center
Please submit a “Student ID Card Reissue Request” form at the university office.

Question about scholarships ⇒ International Center / Student Support Center
Information about scholarships is posted on the student lounge bulletin boards. Please consult the office if you have any questions.

Question about using university facilities or equipment ⇒ Student Support Center
Please fill out the “Classroom Usage Request” or “Equipment Usage Request” form at least one week before your desired usage date. Please be careful not to soil or damage facilities during use. To borrow volleyball, basketball, or table tennis equipment, please visit the Academic Affairs window.

Question about travel during the semester ⇒ International Center
Please fill out a “Travel Notification” form at the International Center. If you are leaving Japan, please also follow the procedure to obtain a Re-Entry Permit.

Lost or stolen property ⇒ International Center
If any personal property is lost or stolen inside or outside of the school, please contact the International Center as soon as possible. Particularly if you live alone, make certain to check that doors and windows are properly locked before leaving.

Illness or injury ⇒ Student Support Center
Please inform the university office in the case of illness or injury.

Traffic accident ⇒ International Center
Regardless of who is at fault, contact the police after taking any necessary emergency measures. Record the other party’s name, address, contact information, and license plate number. Also contact the International Center.

Question about tuition payments ⇒ Accounting Office / International Center
If an installment or deferred payment becomes necessary, please apply at the university office before the tuition payment deadline.

Question about course fee reduction or exemption ⇒ Accounting Office / International Center
Applications are available annually in April.

Leave of absence ⇒ Student Support Center / Advisor / International Center
When considering an absence in excess of two months for reasons other than illness, please consult your advisor first. After consultation, submit a “Leave of Absence Request” form at the university office and await approval. If leaving Japan, please consult the International Center.

Returning to school after a leave of absence ⇒ Student Support Center / Advisor / International Center
To return from a leave of absence, consult your advisor and submit a “Return to School Request” form to the university office. If returning to Japan from another country, please consult the International Center.

Withdrawing from the university ⇒ Student Support Center / Advisor / International Center
If you desire to withdraw from the university, first consult your advisor. Then, submit a “Withdrawal Request” form to the university office. In addition, inform and receive guidance from the International Center.

Studying abroad (outside of Japan) ⇒ International Center
Please consult your advisor or department director. It is important to consider any possible issues related to course credit or visa status. Thorough and careful planning is necessary, so budget an appropriate amount of time.

Re-enrolling at the university ⇒ Student Support Center
Please consult the Student Support Center or International Center in advance.

Other questions ⇒ International Center / Advisor / Counseling Center
You may experience other issues during your study abroad time. If you have questions or concerns about language, customs, or other issues, please consult your advisor, the International Center, or the Counseling Center at any time.

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