Obtaining a Visa

All foreign residents entering and staying Japan must follow the procedures set forth in the “Immigration Control and Refugee Recognition Act” (abbreviated hereafter as “Immigration Law”). Even if, for example, you are enjoying a successful study period and daily life in Japan, you may not be able to continue your study if you are found to be in violation of immigration procedures, so please use caution. Do not neglect your responsibility to all procedures. If you have any questions, please call the International Center (Telephone: 095-840-2002) or visit directly.

1. Obtaining a Visa

In order to enroll at Nagasaki University of Foreign Studies or Nagasaki College of Foreign Languages, it is necessary to receive a qualification as a “college student” according to the “Immigration Control and Refugee Recognition Act.” In order to obtain this visa through the university, one of the following two methods may be used:

  1. Visit the Japanese Embassy (or consulate) in person and undertake the visa application process
  2. Someone with a relationship to the applicant (school staff or someone who is providing school or living expenses, such as a relative) applies at the local Ministry of Justice Immigration office on behalf of the applicant

Option 1 requires a considerable amount of time to complete the process, so NUFS typically uses option 2, “Application via Representative”, in which a university staff member begins the application process.

  1. Proxy (University staff) applies for a “Certificate of Eligibility” at the Immigration office
  2. If there are no problems, a “Certificate of Eligibility” for the status of “College Student” is issued within a few weeks.
  3. Proxy (University staff) mails the “Certificate of Eligibility” to the student
  4. Student presents certificate along with passport to Japanese Embassy for visa to be issued with a few days
  5. Immigration specifies Status of Residence and Period of Stay in the student’s passport.

2. Immigration Control and Refugee Recognition Act

Article 2 Section 2 #1 of the Immigration Control and Refugee Recognition Act specifies the “college student” visa status as the following:

Residence Status Permitted Activities Period of Stay
College Student Admission to a college in Japan for those who have completed college or an equivalent institution, specialized courses of vocational school, vocational high school, or twelve years of schooling in a foreign country The period of stay allowed by the “College Student” residence period is generally two years, but a one year period will be allowed for special research students or other students with a one year university stay

3. From the Ministry of Justice Website (related procedures and documents) [Links are Japanese Only]

Applications related to the Immigration Control and Refugee Recognition Act

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