Part-Time Job Permission

Special permission is required to perform a part time job while studying in Japan with a “college student” visa. Students who wish to obtain a part-time job to supplement tuition and other expenses must apply for and receive “Permission to participate in outside activities” from the Immigration office. Performing a part-time job without this permission, or exceeding the limits specified by the Immigration office are subject to discipline, including deportation, so please be mindful of all regulations.

Receiving a work permit

After receiving a work permit, a student will be allowed to work for a maximum of 28 hours per week (during long vacations, this limit changes to a maximum of 8 hours per day). Working in adult entertainment or related industries is not permitted.

To students who acquire a work permit before enrolling at NUFS

Upon enrolling at NUFS, work permits that were issued elsewhere become invalid, regardless of expiration date. To work while enrolled at NUFS, a new application is necessary. If you have previously received a work permit, please return it to the International Center.

1. Submit the following documents to the International Center
  • Knowledge related to part-time jobs — self-check checklist of the Immigration Act
  • Work permit application form (available at the International Center)
  • Copy of Alien Registration Card
  • Passport
  • Permission document (created by the university)
2. Meet with Faculty Advisor

Meet with your advisor to discuss your reason for getting a part-time job, your economic and academic situation, and laws related to part-time work. After the meeting, please submit your passport to the International Center.

3. Wait for University Decision on Permission to Apply

The university will decide whether to grant permission to apply for a work permit. If permission to apply is granted, the application process will continue.

4. Pick up Application form at International Center

Fill out a “Permission to participate in outside activities” form and submit it to the International Center. The university will submit the application to the Immigration office.

5. Submit Employment Status Confirmation Form

A person responsible for your part-time job (for example, a manager) must fill out an “Outside Employment Status Confirmation” form. After asking them to complete the form, please submit it to the International Center.

Work Permit

According to Immigration Law, a work permit is required for anyone with a “college student” or “precollege student” visa who wishes to engage in part-time work. The law also limits the scope and number of hours that you may work. Working without a permit or engaging in work that is not permitted under the work permit is a violation of the law.

Types of Work that are not Permitted by Immigration Law

Those with work permits may not work in adult entertainment or related industries. These include:

  1. Cabarets, nightclubs, dance halls, bars that serve drinks to customers, majhong and pachinko parlors, gaming industry shops, and private bath and passage shops.
  2. Snack bars, pubs, coffee shops, small and dark places with poor lighting.

Please be aware that working at these places is a violation of Immigration law.

Permitted Work Times

If you receive a permit to work, the duration that are allowed to work is specified.
-Those with “college student” status may work 28 hours per week.
-Students may work up to 8 hours per day during school vacation periods

What happens if class attendance is poor or credit enrollment is low?

When applying for a work permit with a “college student” visa status, supporting documents from the university are required. These consist of a report to the Ministry of Justice that the work will not be an obstacle to the student’s study. In cases in which the student has a poor attendance record or is enrolled in few credits, this assurance may not be provided by the university, and permission will not be possible.

Is my part-time job considered when I change or renew my visa?

When changing or renewing a visa, confirmation of your part-time job situation will be requested, and a report will be received from the location of your part-time work.

Follow the law when working

  • Always carry your Residence Card and work permit with you when working. A law enforcement officer may ask to see these documents. Failure to produce them may result in a fine.
  • Note the expiration date on your work permit. Be sure to renew it along with your visa.

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