In Case of Illness or Injury

One of the most anxious questions about international student life is, “What if I get sick?” If you are not enrolled in a health insurance program, it may be necessary to pay a large doctor’s fee if you become sick. Therefore, joining the national health insurance program is an essential part of international student life.

National Health Insurance Program

As of April 2004, all international students (with “College Student” residency status) are required to enroll in the national health insurance program regardless of their length of stay. When enrolled in the program, students pay only 30% of their total medical expenses. In addition, even in cases with high expenses in a given month, there is an upper limit for individual costs, and costs exceeding that limit may be paid in the future by a Large Medical Expense Payment System. Furthermore, a Large Medical Expense Loan System is available for cases, such as a long hospital stay, in which payment is difficult.

Application and Payment
Application and Payment is handled by municipal offices (which are also responsible for Alien Registration) in their respective Insurance departments. An Alien Registration Certificate is required at the time of application. Insurance premiums are calculated in one-year terms from April to March using the municipal tax and number of insurance subscribers.

When enrolled, 30% of medical costs are borne by the individual.

Health Insurance Card
Your Health Insurance Card is proof of your enrollment, so please handle it with care. Do not lend it or leave it in the custody of someone else. Be sure to bring it when visiting a doctor. Please also take it with you when you travel in Japan.

Changes of Address
When changing your address, it is necessary to obtain a new insurance card. To do this, please bring your old insurance card to the municipality office in your new city. If you do not obtain a new card, you cannot receive health insurance benefits.

Hospital Information (in Japanese)

  • Ambulance—Call 119 (remain calm and report your location, name, and situation)
  • Nagasaki City Overnight Emergency Center—095-820-8699(8p.m.-6 a.m.)
  • Emergency Medical Center Information—095-825-8199(for sudden illnesses)

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