Regarding Alien Registration

New Alien Registration

* Per the “Alien Registration Act”, all foreign residents who stay in Japan must register in the city of their residence within 90 days of arrival in Japan. Upon enrolling at the university, study abroad students are required to have an Alien Registration Certificate, so please apply immediately after admission and arrival in Japan. Until you receive your Alien Registration Certificate, you must carry your passport at all times.

Required Documents
  1. Alien Registration Application
  2. Passport
  3. Two photos (4.5 cm vertical by 3.5cm horizontal, no hate) taken within six months of filing

An “Alien Registration Certificate” will be issued typically about two weeks after submitting an application. This certificate must be carried with you at all times. (Until receiving your certificate, please do not forget to carry your passport.) If, for some reason, you are stopped by a law enforcement officer, you must be able to produce your certificate.

Important: Notifying the University

After you have received your Alien Registration Certificate (Card), please bring a copy of it to the International Center. After completing the study abroad program or leaving Japan, the university provides this to the Immigration Office. It is at this time that the copy is necessary.

Important: Take your Alien Registration Certificate with You

Whenever leaving your home, you must take your Alien Registration Certificate with you. If an Immigration Officer or other police officer asks, “Please show me your Alien Registration Certificate,” you are required to produce it. Make a copy of your card and keep the copy at home, or write your registration number in your notebook. Since you must walk with your card every day, there is a chance that it may be lost or stolen. Be sure to keep a copy, or write your registration number in a notebook.

Lost or stolen card

If your card is lost or stolen, you must visit your local city hall or ward office within 14 days and apply for the card to be re-issued.

Important: Change of Address, etc.

If you change your address, you must report it to your local city hall or ward office within 24 days. However, if you move to a different municipality, you must submit an application for registration changes at the office of your new municipality. Other changes may also require reporting. Please refer to the Alien Registration Act for further details.

Confirming (Renewing) your Alien Registration Card

For long-term foreign residence, please note the red expiration date on your Alien Registration Certificate. The process to confirm (renew) your certificate is similar to the process for submitting a new application.

Important: Returning your Alien Registration Certificate

After you have completed your study abroad program and return home (when you leave Japan), you must turn in your Alien Registration Card to the immigration officer at the airport or port. However, those with re-entry permits are exempted.

Alien Registration Procedure Locations

Nagasaki City Hall
Nagaaki City, Sakura-machi 2-22
Weekdays 9am-5:15 pm

Togitsu Town Office
Weekdays 9am-5:30 pm

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