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3. Getting around Nagasaki - Streetcar
Streetcar Routes
1 blue – Sumiyoshi, Peace Park, Nagasaki Station, Yumesaito Mall, Hamano-machi
2 white – Last streetcar (combination 1-3-4 route)
3 red – Sumiyoshi, Peace Park, Nagasaki Station, City Hall, Suwa Shrine
4 yellow – Short route (between Hamano-machi and Suwa Shrine)
5 green – Glover Garden (transfer from 1 blue at Tsuki-machi)

The streetcar is the cheapest and easiest way to travel in Nagasaki. Although there are five lines, the primary routes are the #1 blue and #3 red lines. Both main lines begin north in Akasako (near Sumiyoshi) and go south to Nagasaki Station. Then the lines curve east, the #3 red line to City Hall and Suwa Shrine, and the #1 blue line a few stops later to Chinatown and the Hamano-machi shopping district.

The #4 yellow line is very short and essentially useful only for moving directly between Suwa Shrine and Hamano-machi. The #5 green line serves Glover Garden and is accessible from the #1 blue line via a free transfer at Tsuki-machi. The #2 white line is a long hybrid line and only runs at the end of each night and during special events such at the Obon Festival (see Last Streetcar).

Other routes are Tsuki-machi, which follows the #1 blue line but ends a few stops early at Chinatown (just before Hamano-machi), and Urakami shako-mae, which ends at the streetcar garage. During the summer, there is also a train that serves beer to passengers who reserved their seats in the spring.

Riding the streetcar

Most people board the streetcar in the middle or back, but you can also board in the front after other passengers have finished getting off the train. As on the bus, press one of the buttons above the seats to signal that you wish to get off the train.

The streetcar fare is a flat rate of 120 yen. If you need change, you may use the machine in the front or the back of the streetcar.

Streetcar safety

Always look both ways before crossing to the streetcar platform, as some traffic lights turn red in one direction before turning red in the opposite direction. Be particularly careful at the Tsuki-machi (Chinatown) stop, which has a crosswalk but no traffic signal in a congested area of downtown.

Some platforms are particularly narrow, so be careful not to lean over the platform when trains are approaching. Also, do pay attention to your surroundings and try to sit or hold onto something while riding the streetcar. Cars often try to use the streetcar track as a turn lane, and streetcars cannot always stop in time to avoid them.

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