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2. Getting to School - Bus (Riding the City Bus)

Use the back door and take a ticket from the machine. The number on this ticket corresponds to the display board at the front of the bus and shows the fare that you will pay when you disembark. For example, if you board at Sumiyoshi and the ticket shows a number 5, check the monitor when you get off the bus, and pay the fare listed below number 5. If you have a Smart Card (see page 8), you do not need to take a ticket; simply touch your card to the reader next to the ticket machine.


The minimum one-way bus fare is 140 yen, which includes rides between Sumiyoshi and the university. Downtown (from Matsuyama-machi to Hamano-machi), the minimum fare starts at 150 yen. To check the fare for a particular route before you use the bus, visit the Nagasaki Bus website or call 095-826-1112 (both Japanese only).

Getting off the bus

Stops are announced over the intercom and displayed on the monitor in the front of the bus. When you see your stop, press the button to signal for a stop. When you get off the bus, check the display at the front of the bus and pay the corresponding amount by placing your ticket and fare together into the large box on the top of the fare machine. To use your Smart Card instead, touch your card to the reader on the fare machine.

Making change

If you do not have exact change, insert a 1,000 yen bill or coins into the machine at the front of the bus. The driver and other passengers prefer that you do this before it is time to get off the bus, such as while the bus is waiting at a stoplight.

Where to get off: Uchizaka or Motomura?

When you ride the city bus to school, you will hear an announcement when the university is near. On northbound buses, the announcement is at Uchizaka (打坂), near Family Mart, while on southbound buses, it plays at Motomura (元村), next to the Kojima electronics store.

The stops are only a couple of minutes apart, so it does not make a big difference where you get off, but if you are going to the Ampelos dorm, the Uchizaka stop is closer, and for the university, getting off at Motomura and walking up through the neighborhood will save you about 5 minutes.

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