Sports Festival on May 20 -- Sign up Now

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The NUFS Student Council is holding the 2011 Sports Festival on Friday, May 20. No classes will be held on May 20, so all students will have the opportunity to participate.

To join the competition, please turn in a registration form to the Student Council box in the Student Lounge by Monday, May 16.

Sports Festival Events

Soccer - 6-member teams (maximum 8 entries per team)

Volleyball - 6-member teams (maximum 8 entries per team)

Basketball - 5-member teams (maximum 6 entries per team)

Registration and Practice

All teams are co-ed.

Please limit the number of experienced players (up to 3) on your team.

The university gym may be used for practice from 9 a.m. to 8 p.m. on May 12-17 when it is not being used for class.

Please visit the Student Affairs office (to the right of the International Center) to borrow equipment.