New President and Faculty Members for 2011 School Year

Nagasaki University of Foreign Studies begins the 2011 school year with a new President, Ahikito Ishikawa, and five new faculty members. Please see the Message from the President and Teaching Staff pages for more details.

New Faculty Member Profiles
  • Department of International Communication
Name Position / Degree Field
no_image.jpg Julien AGAESSE
 アガエス ジュリアン
Special Foreign Lecturer French Language Education
jsakai.jpg 酒井 順一郎
 Junichiro SAKAI
Professor / Doctorate Japanese Language Education、Japanese Language Education History、Foreign Student Policy and Education History, Modern Education and Cultural Exchange History
sato.jpg 佐藤 久美子
 Kumiko SATO
Lecturer / Master's Phonetics、Contrastive Linguistics
  • Department of Modern English
Name Position / Degree Field
chowdhury_s.JPG チョウドリ マハブブル アロム
 Mahbubul Alam CHOWDHURY
Professor / Doctorate International Economics、Developmental Economics、Asian Economics
minamitsu_s.jpg 南津 佳広
  Yoshihiro MINAMITSU
Lecturer / Master's Interpretation and Translation、Simultaneous Interpretation