Kite Flying Tournament Postponed to October 16

The 2011 " Nagasaki Kite Flying Tournament" has been postponed to Sunday, October 16. Applications will be available on the NUFS website and bulletin board.

Event Details
The 2011 “Nagasaki Kite Flying Tournament” will take place according to the below schedule. Kite flying is a Nagasaki tradition that has continued for more than 450 years.

Kites and lunch will be prepared for international students who sign up for and attend the event.
Please consider participating in the tradition and talk with local Nagasaki citizens.

○Date and time:Sunday, October 16, 2011 10:00 (State your name and school upon arrival.)
○Location:Nagasaki City Touhakkei Park
○Transportation:Take a Nagasaki City bus for 唐八景 (Touhakkei).
   Board the bus at Hamano-machi (in front of the Hamaya store) and get off at Hiraki (開).
   Then, take a free shuttle bus from Atago Driving School to the park.
   Bus schedule: (16 min/150 yen)
    ①Hamano-machi 08:23 ― Hiraki (開) 08:39 
    ②Hamano-machi 09:29 ― Hiraki (開) 09:45 
    ③Hamano-machi 10:29 ― Hiraki (開) 10:45 
   Please note that buses to Hiraki are limited, so do not miss your bus. 

○Tentative event schedule:
10:00 Opening Ceremony
Kite Flying Practice, Preliminary Round、Post Office True/False Quiz
12:00 Tournament Ceremony (Ribbon cutting, etc.)
13:10 Kite Battle Finals (planned to end at 15:00)