Fall 2010 Course Completion Ceremony Recap

The JASIN/NICS Short-term International Student Course Completion Ceremony took place on Wednesday, January 19. This semester, 32 JASIN students and 23 NICS students completed the half-year or full-year study abroad program.

University president Koichi Ikeda gave a speech to the students in attendance, stating, "Your study abroad begins again when you return home. After experiencing a foreign culture, you will notice many new things about your home country as well."

Next, NICS student representative Ma Tian Yi (Capital Normal University) gave a brief speech. "Thanks to the wonderful people I met in Nagasaki, my worries were cut in half, and my happiness doubled. Everyone, too, please remember that you are not alone and that the people around you are supporting you."

JASIN representative Martin Meter (Dusseldorf University) also spoke at the ceremony. "There were so many fun things at GaiDai: club activities, the school festival, my home stay--I can't choose just one."


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