10 NUFS Students Participate in Peace Net Program

On Thursday, December 16, ten NUFS students participated in a Peace Net program discussion with an atomic bomb survivor. In addition to four Japanese students, international students from China, Taiwan, the United States, and Germany participated in the program. Following the lecture, the NUFS students shared opinions with fellow students from the University of Malaysia via online classroom discussion software.

During the Q&A session with the atomic bomb survivor, Mr. Yamawaki, one student asked, "Since we are not atomic bomb victims, what should we tell future generations?" In response, Mr. Yamawaki said, "Even if you are not an atomic bomb victim, you can talk discuss the issue with songs, dramas, novels, any methods with which you are comfortable."

Another student asked, "Is it more important to appeal to countries' leaders or their citizens for peace?" Mr. Yamawaki replied, "If you explain the tragedy of the atomic bombing to many people, regardless of their place in society, you can influence public opinion."

About Peace Net

The Peace Net program is a joint project of the Nagasaki Peace Memorial Hall and Nagasaki Foundation for the Promotion of Peace to connect atomic bomb survivors and students who are far from Nagasaki via online chat software. Participants listen to first-hand stories of the atomic bombing tragedy and exchange thoughts about peace. Through the Peace Net online system, participants are able to see each other's faces and hear each other's voices to create an effective environment for exchange.

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