Universities with Exchange Agreements

Updated February 16, 2011


Nagasaki University of Foreign Studies maintains exchange agreements with 11 countries and regions through 60 universities, 1 university consortium (with 33 participating universities), and 5 organizations.

Regional Breakdown
Region Number of Universities Number of Organizations Total
North America 12 Universities (USA: 11, Canada: 1)
1 University Consortium (33 Universities)
Central America 1 University (Ecuador)   1
Europe 11 Universities(UK 3 France 3 Germany 2 Spain 3) 1 Organization (France) 12
Asia 35 Universities(China: 17, Taiwan: 6, South Korea: 11, Thailand: 1) 4 Organizations (China: 1, South Korea: 1, Thailand: 1) 39
Total 60 Universities + 1 Univerity Consortium (33 Universities) 5 Organizations 65
Participating Universities and Organizations
Country/Area Partner University
Homepage Joined
United States of America
Luther College www.luther.edu/ 2001.01.23
Illinois State University www.ilstu.edu/ 2001.01.23
Waldorf University www.waldorf.edu/ 2001.02.07
Champlain College www.champlain.edu/ 2001.03.31
University of Wisconsin-Platteville www.uwplatt.edu/ 2001.10.18
St. Olaf College www.stolaf.edu/index.html 2001.10.29
University of Idaho www.uidaho.edu/ 2002.11.19
State University of New York at New Paltz www.newpaltz.edu/ 2004.04.22
Kansas State University www.ksu.edu/ 2004.05.24
University of Missouri-Columbia missouri.edu/ 2007.05
United States Air Force Academy www.usafa.af.mil/index.asp 2008.06
University Study Abroad Consortium (USAC-33 universities) usac.unr.edu/usac/default.aspx  2009.02
Canada Kwantlen Polytechnic University www.kwantlen.bc.ca/ 2005.08.19
United Kingdom
University of Stirling www.stir.ac.uk/ 2001.02.20
Anglia Ruskin University www.anglia.ac.uk/ 2002.06.29
University of Central Lancashire www.uclan.ac.uk/ 2006.05.08
Heinrich-Heine University www.uni-duesseldorf.de/ 2002.07.10
Magdeburg-Stendal University of Applied Sciences www.hs-magdeburg.de/ 2003.06.12
Catholic University of the West www.uco.fr/index.jsp 2001.09.04
Institute of French Studies in La Rochelle www.ief-larochelle.fr/ 2001.10.11
Institut de Management Europe-Asie(ISUGA) www.isuga.fr 2006.02.06
University of Zaragoza www.unizar.es/ (1989.03)
University of Alcalá www.uah.es/ 2002.08.03
University of Navarra www.unav.es/ 2002.09.16
Universidad Del Pacifico www.upacifico.edu.ec/ 2003.01.16
Hebei University www.hbu.edu.cn/ 2002.03.29
Jilin University www.jlu.edu.cn/ 2002.06.29
Xiamen University www.xmu.edu.cn/ 2002.11.25
Jilin Normal University www.jlnu.edu.cn/ 2002.12.17
Xiamen University of Technology www.xmut.edu.cn/ 2003.01.22
Capital Normal University www.cnu.edu.cn/ 2003.04.26
Dailan University of Foreign Languages www.dlufl.edu.cn/ 2003.04.18
Ludong University www.ytnc.edu.cn/ 2006.05.20
Xiamen University Tan Kah Kee College www.jgxy.xmu.edu.cn/ 2007.05.25
Changchun University of Science and Technology www.cust.edu.cn/ 2008.08.13
Dailan Ocean University www.dlfu.edu.cn/ 2008.10.25
Dailan Neusoft Institute of Information www.neusoft.edu.cn/ 2009.02.10 
Zhuhai College Jilin University wyx.jluzh.com/ 2009.04.27
Fuzhou University www.fzu.edu.cn/ 2009.04.30
Wuhan University of Science and Technology Zhongnan Branch www.znuni.cn/ 2009.06.29
Wuhan University www.whu.edu.cn/ 2009.06.30
Fuzhou University Zhicheng College www.fdzcxy.com/index.asp 2009.10.15
Hsing Wu College www.hwc.edu.tw/ 2004.01.28
Tamkang University www.tku.edu.tw/ 2004.05.17
Aletheia University www.au.edu.tw/ 2004.10.06
Dayeh University www.dyu.edu.tw 2008.06.13
Shih Chien University www.usc.edu.tw 2010.11.29
Kaohsiung University www.nuk.edu.tw 2011.02.15
South Korea
Kyungnam College University of Information and Technology www.kit.ac.kr/ 2002.12.09
Youngsan University www.ysu.ac.kr/ 2003.02.10
Pusan University of Foreign Studies www.pufs.ac.kr 2003.03.21
Baekseok University (4-year) www.bu.ac.kr/english/index.jsp 2003.06.12
Baekseok University (2-year) www.bu.ac.kr/english/index.jsp 2003.06.12
Dong-Pusan College University www.dpc.ac.kr 2004.06.06
Gwangju Health College University www.kjhc-c.ac.kr/ 2005.01.20
Busan Kyungsang College www.bsks.ac.kr/ 2008.06.04
Kimcheon Science College ipsi.kcs.ac.kr/ 2009.04.27
Keimyng University www.kmu.ac.kr/ 2009.12.07
Hanyang University www.hanyang.ac.kr/ 2010.05.24
Dhurakijpundit University
www.dpu.ac.th/ 2004.10.19
Other Organizations
Country/Area Partner University Homepage Joined
Anjou Inter-Langues -  
China International Education Exchange Association www.cciee.com.cn/  
Fujian International Education Exchange Association -  
South Korea
Busan International Friendship Society www.bifs.or.kr/  
Waseda Education Thailand