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6. Destinations in Nagasaki

Free admission

* Show your Alien Registration Card for free admission to many sightseeing facilities around the city. See the “Free Admission” handout distributed at orientation for details and a full list of facilities.

Most major destinations in Nagasaki are easy to reach by streetcar; just follow the map you received at orientation. Below are directions to some other Nagasaki City destinations that are not included on the streetcar map (or are difficult to find):

Seiyu Superstore (Michino)
Take any bus to Michino (道の尾). There is also a smaller Seiyu inside the Nagasaki Station mall.

Mr. Max Superstore (Togitsu)
Take any bus to Togitsu(時津) and walk up the street and left (west) for about ten minutes. There is also a Mr. Max Superstore west of Hamaguchi-machi (up the mountain).

JUSCO Superstore
Take the Mizokawa (溝川) bus to the end of the route. The ride takes about 20 minutes from Sumiyoshi and 10 minutes from university (at the bottom of the hill).

Nagasaki City Library
Take the #3 red streetcar to Sakura-machi. Climb the small hill to the south; City Hall will be on your left. Go right (west) for one block to reach the library.

Ioujima Beach and Hot Springs
Take a ferry from the Ohato terminal behind Yumesaito Mall. The 980-yen ticket includes round-trip fare and hot springs admission.

Ropeway to Mt. Inasa (Daytime)
From Nagasaki Station, take a #3 or #4 bus north for Shimo-Ohashi (下大橋), Koebaru (小江原), or Aikawa (相川) to “Ropeway-mae.” The ride is about 10 minutes.

You can also walk from the Mori-machi or Takara-machi streetcar stops. From Mori-machi, walk west past Cocowalk Mall, Brick Hall, and the NCC television studio. After crossing the river, turn left (south) and walk for about five minutes. The Ropeway entrance will be on your right. From Takara-machi, walk west under the overpass. After crossing the river, turn right (north) and walk for about five minutes, passing the Mitsubishi building and baseball field. The Ropeway entrance will be on your left.

The Ropeway takes about 5 minutes to reach Mt. Inasa, and a round trip ticket costs 1,200 yen.

Ropeway to Mt. Inasa (7 p.m.-10 p.m.)
Starting at 7:17 p.m., a free bus is available from Nagasaki Station and nearby hotels to the Ropeway entrance. The bus departs Nagasaki Station at 7:17, 7:47, 8:17, and 8:47 p.m. The return bus departs the Ropeway entrance at 8:30, 9:00, 9:30, and 10:10 p.m. Travel time is about 8 minutes.

Glover Garden
Take the blue #1 streetcar to Tsuki-machi. Receive a free transfer ticket when you get off the train (or use your Smart Card for a free transfer), and cross the platform to take the green #5 streetcar south towards Ishibashi (石橋). There are two entrances to Glover Garden.

Entrance 1: Get off at the Oura Church (大浦天主堂) stop. Climb the hill by the ANA Hotel for about five minutes. You will see the entrance to Glover Garden just after passing Oura Catholic Church.

Entrance 2 (Glover Sky Road): Get off at Ishibashi and walk along the road (east) for about 30 seconds. Turn right (south) at the Glover Sky Road sign, and walk through the narrow street for another 30 seconds. Take the two elevators (or climb 500+ steps!) to reach the Glover Garden entrance.

Agri Hill
Buses for Agri Hill (あぐりの丘) depart Sumiyoshi at 9:59, 11:04, 11:39, and 11:59. The ride to Agri Hill is 25 minutes and one-way fare is 270 yen.

Biopark Zoo
Ogushi (大串) buses that arrive in Sumiyoshi at 8:35, 9:05, 9:56, 10:56, 12:56, and 1:26 all go directly to Biopark. The ride takes about an hour, and one-way fare is 630 yen. Double check that Biopark (バイオパーク) is listed on the bus route before boarding. To travel to Biopark at any other time throughout the day, take an Ogushi (大串) bus to Futamata ( 二股) and walk for about ten minutes, following the signs.

Penguin Aquarium
Take the #3 red streetcar to Suwa Shrine. Leave the underground walkway through exit 2-B, and walk straight for about 30 seconds until you reach the Suwa Shrine bus stop. From there, take a red Nagasaki Ken-Ei bus for Aba/Kasuga Shako-mae (網場春日車庫前) and get off at “Aquarium-mae (水族館前).” Buses depart about every 20 minutes throughout the day, and one-way fare for the 20-minute ride is 340 yen.

You can also catch the bus at Nagasaki Station, but be careful about the boarding location. On weekdays (and Saturday mornings between 6:30-10 a.m.), take the same bus from the Nagasaki Station East Exit bus stop near Yoshinoya and in front of the DoCoMo Shop. On weekends and holidays (except Saturday mornings), wait at the South Exit across from Hotel New Nagasaki. Check the included Nagasaki Station Bus Map to make sure you use the correct stop.

When returning from the Aquarium, walk up the street (to the right, if you are standing at the Aquarium bus stop and facing the street) for about a minute to the Himi Park (日見公園前) stop and take a bus for Nagasaki Station (長崎駅前) , Menoto Entrance (女の都入口), Menoto Danchi (女の都団地), or Nishizaki Danchi (西崎団地).

Huis Ten Bosch
A round-trip JR train ticket to Huis Ten Bosch costs 2,500 yen, and the ride takes about 80 minutes. Starting October 1, 2010, a pass is available for 4,300 yen that includes a round-trip JR ticket and free admission to the park (normally 2,500 yen).

In addition, Nagasaki Ken-Ei Bus runs a limited number of buses to Huis Ten Bosch on weekends and holidays. Both the fare (2,500 yen round trip) and time (about 80 minutes) are the same by bus and train.

Nagasaki Airport
Buses for Nagasaki airport depart from Nagasaki Station and Cocowalk Mall every 15-20 minutes and also pick up passengers at Urakami Station and Matsuyama-machi. The ride takes about 45 minutes from Nagasaki Station and 55 minutes from Cocowalk Mall. One-way fare is 800 yen, and a two-ticket book is available for 1,200 yen. If you are in Togitsu, consider taking the “Airport Line” ferry for 1,600 yen. The ferry ride is 25 minutes. For more details on the ferry, please see the Togitsu Ferry page.


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