Ampelos Dormitory

Ampelos: the NUFS international dormitory


Ampelos is a modern and safe dormitory that was built adjacent to the NUFS campus to support the college life of students who are far away from home. The dormitory consists of 328 single rooms and a large amount of common space to provide individual privacy as well the opportunity to make new friends throughout the dormitory.

Ampelos Facilities

"Ampelos" is the Greek word for "grape vine." Founded on this Biblical reference, Ampelos strives to support a rich and rewarding student life at the university.


Single and Double Room Amenities
Each Ampelos room includes a platform bed, desk, chair, bath, toilet, sink, stove, air conditioner/heater, phone, shoe closet, and closet.
Nutritional meals prepared by a specialist cooking staff are served in the Ampelos cafeteria.
Breakfast 7:30 a.m.~8:30 a.m./Dinner 6:00 p.m.~8:00 p.m.
Internet Service
Internet service is included in monthly service charges. No contract with an outside provider is necessary.
Ampelos Office
The Ampelos office is staffed 24/7 to provide peace of mind even in the case of sudden illness.
Exchange Events
Ampelos hosts a Tanabata star festival, Christmas party, and several other exchange events throughout the semester.
One-time entry fee: 20,000円
Room and Board:39,000円(monthly, single room) or 18,000円(monthly, double room)
Dining (optional):20,000円(monthly, includes breakfast and dinner)
Applying to Live in Ampelos

International students wishing to live in Ampelos during their time at NUFS should select the dormitory housing option during the study abroad application process. For further information, please contact the International Center (

Contact Ampelos

Nagasaki University of Foreign Studies
Ampelos Dormitory
TEL : 095-881-3100