Campus Events

Nagasaki University of Foreign Studies features a wide variety of events each year. Students particpate in groups as classmates, team or club members, or own their own.

The following is a summary of major campus events. For a detailed list, please see the Campus Activity Calendar page.

01. University Festival


Chinese dragon dances and American hamburgers are among the many features of the annual university festival. Previous festivals have included Flamenco dance performances, karaoke and eating contests, and musical guests.

02. Language Weeks


German Week at NUFS includes a detailed reproduction of a German Carnival. French Week features authentic French food and games. Other languages are featured throughout the semester as well.

03. Japanese Speech Contest


The annual Japanese Speech Contest gives students an opportunity to display their Japanese proficiency in front of a large audience.

04. Guest Performances


Musical guests occasional visit the university. On the right, International Chopin Piano Competition Award Winner Sa Chen performs in the university auditorium.